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The History of Xstream Cleanup

The Xstream Cleanup committee formed in September of 2003 due to the great success of that summer’s Duck Creek Cleanup. Chad Pregracke of Living Lands and Waters suggested that the group expand its cleanup efforts outside of Davenport and Bettendorf and into the entire Quad City Area. As planning began, the Waste Commission of Scott County agreed to coordinate through its ilivehere program, and Xstream Cleanup was born.

The inaugural Xstream Cleanup event was held on Saturday August 28th, 2004. Over 1,300 volunteers teamed up to clean up 28 sites and removed over 40 tons, or 80,000 pounds, of debris from area waterways. Including 1,300 bags of trash, 270 tires, 50 pieces of furniture, 45 bicycles, 40 railroad ties, 30 appliances, 18 drums and much more.

This was the first cleanup event of its kind in the history of the Quad City Area. Because of the cooperative effort and great strides made in improving the community environment, the 2004 event was awarded the following:

IOWATER Event of the Year, through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources
On the River’s Environmentalists of the Year, through Quad City Times
Iowa Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence, Special Recognition in Water Quality

Since its inception, Xstream Cleanup continues to grow each year. In 2008, invasive species removal, the removal of non-native plants, was added. In 2013, volunteers were called on to make a difference in water quality, this time through marking storm drains with messages that discourage illegal dumping. In 2016, the Xstream Cleanup transitioned from a single-day event to providing more ways to make a difference. A variety of events held throughout the year replaced the annual, large-scale cleanup, and “team up to clean up year round” was introduced.

Today the committee includes representatives from Cities of Bettendorf, Davenport, LeClaire, Moline and Rock Island and also has the support of several organizations and businesses through the Quad Cities.


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