Cleanup Resources & Docs

What are the types of Xstream Events?
Tire Removal from wooded area

  • Heavy duty cleanup: This type of cleanup involves lifting
    of over 30 lbs., removing illegally dumped tires, metals, furniture or appliances. It may also involve steep banks/slopes or rough terrain. Not recommended for children.
  • Light duty cleanup: This type of cleanup may involve picking up litter such as wrappers, pop/water bottles, small tires or cigarette butts. This may include general site maintenance. Lifting required will be 30 lbs or less. Recommended cleanup type for families with children.
  • Invasive species removal: This type of cleanup involves manually removing invasive trees, shrubs and bushes that are taking over the habitat of native plants. This may involve brush cutting using saws, shears, trimmers or brush hauling and loading. Not recommended for children.
  • Greening and beautification: This type of cleanup may involve pulling small weeds or wood vegetation, planting native trees, bushes or flowers. May also include light litter cleanup. Recommended cleanup for families with children.